Forge Of Hephaestus

These are the projects that I am working on at this time or have completed in the past. You can access these through the Gallery as well as through here.

This design was completed in 2008, and was put into limited production for use in MRIs in Canada and in the US.

Yet another design for a 3 axis robot. This design was shelved after the initial prototype. Compact and VERY accurate, the system uses ultrasonic motors to achieve sub 100 micron accuracy.

This is where it all started. Hard to believe. The hardsuits from BGC are here, as well as others.

Here’s a sword manufactured from acrylic, aluminum and steel. The sword was a commission request.

Fresh off the drawing board and into the hands of scientists, this MRI Compatible robot was designed and built in a span of 9 weeks from scratch to finish!!

2 Axis Robot

Everyone loves a sword...

Costume Armour

Benchtop 3 Axis Robot with Ultrasound Transducer

3 Axis Robot with Integral Tank and Ultrasound Transducer